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Want to make a positive lasting difference in your neighborhood? Support the expansion of the
Buljan playground with your donation.

Though it had been a gem of Highland Reseve for 25 years, the play structure at Buljan Park was
showing its age when it was torn down in 2019. Our community waited excitedly to see what
new structure would be constructed in its place. The original playground’s six slides and a
dozen unique features provided hours of play for entire little-league teams while still allowing
room and safe activities for parents with toddlers.

When the new structure went up, the community shared an outpouring of concern for the reduced
footprint and play value.

Instead of grabbing pitchforks, a small group of neighbors partnered with the Highland Reserve
Neighborhood Association, the Roseville Parks department, and Roseville City Council for
a constructive solution. A year later we had a design that builds on the existing equipment.
While safety and space constraints made it impossible to recreate the original structure, the
reworked plan reflects an equitable compromise. With feedback from parents and kids of all ages
and abilities, the upgraded structure triples the size, removes bottlenecks, and adds dedicated
features for tiny adventurers.

Of course all great things come at a cost. Commercial playgrounds commonly run between
$100-300k and the city has generously secured majority of required funds. A number of
engineers, construction professionals, and consultants on our team already have volunteered their
time and finances to get us over 90% of the way to funding the project.

A small portion of $2,000 remains to cover additional slides, climbers, and monkey bars. Every
dollar of your tax-deductable donation will be routed through Roseville Coalition of
Neighborhood Associations (RCONA) toward playground equipment.

The fundraising will conclude at the end of August, and we aim to launch construction by
end of 2021. Falling short of our goal means we move forward with a smaller, stripped-down
concept. Like you, we take pride in our city and our neighborhood. Roseville strives to be the
leader in creating a healthy community, enhancing lives, and providing exceptional experiences.

We are asking for your support to make this playground a success story for our community to
enjoy for generations.

Ways you can help

The fundraising will finalize at the end of August, and we aim to launch construction by end of 2021.

Buljan Park Enhancement Flyer

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Buljan Park Playground Layout Compliance Map

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Buljan Neighborhood Option 1