Greetings Neighbors,

The Folsom Road Neighborhood Association general meeting is scheduled to occur every second Thursday of every month at 6:30pm in the main building of Bethel Lutheran Church at 1050 Douglas Blvd (located at the terminus of Folsom Road at Douglas).

Our next meeting will be held this Thursday, 11/10, at 6:30PM and will comprise the following agenda:

6:30 – Welcome, announcements, and brief review of topics covered in previous meeting
6:40 – Description of volunteer opportunities for the FRNA and RCONA boards
6:50 – Discuss possible holiday event in Folsom Road Neighborhood
7:00 – Open discussion, including ways we can “reclaim” our parks and public spaces
7:30 – Adjourn

If you’re unable to attend this meeting, please consider asking a neighbor to attend to help ensure that your interests are represented.

We hope to see you and that you’ll visit us at for more information and to get involved.