Greetings Neighbors,

Our Folsom Road Neighborhood Association (FRNA) has been successfully meeting over the years with these key accomplishments in the past 2 years:

  • FRNA has a website at for posting announcements, signing on new neighbors, and keeping everyone informed
  • FRNA established a regular monthly meeting time (6:30 pm 2nd Thurs) and place (Bethel Lutheran @1050 Douglas) for the purpose of raising and addressing concerns and becoming better acquainted
  • The City of Roseville was planning to modify Atlantic Street in such a way as to prevent us from being able to turn left onto Folsom Road when traveling westbound. We communicated our concerns, which led to updates to the plan that now include the ability to turn left onto Folsom Road when heading westbound on Atlantic Street.

On March 9, an election is planned for a new FRNA executive board. After serving two one-year terms, I’ve decided it’s time to make room for someone else, and I will be ending my term as president. I am encouraging you to consider one of these roles on the FRNA Executive Board. (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Members at Large). We need to have people step up for these roles, or FRNA may become inactive. Due to our location being the very heart of Roseville, it would be tragic if we allowed our association to become inactive.

Benefits of a Neighborhood Association:

  • Identifying common neighborhood goals
  • Providing the neighborhood with a common voice and an effective means of communicating with government officials and other instrumental groups
  • Empowering our neighborhood with the ease of providing input on events happening in our area to impact the decision making that affects our neighborhood
  • Organizing and helping members work for preservation and improvements in our neighborhood
  • Planning and holding social activities for the neighborhood
  • Organizing neighborhood improvement projects

Examples of what other neighborhood associations are doing through the active engagement of neighbors:

  • Organized neighborhood yard/garage sales
  • Halloween and Christmas lighting and decorating contests with prizes
  • Street parties and other events that bring neighbors together

Please help ensure continued growth and success of our association by getting involved and working to involve others. Talk to your neighbors. Let’s get together to become better acquainted, to address concerns, and to celebrate all that we have and what we don’t want to lose in this great neighborhood. We need your help to ensure continued success. Please consider joining the Folsom Road Neighborhood Association board. Go to to contact us.

Thank you.

Jeff Dodge, FRNA President