The City of Roseville has released drafts of the new Commercial Corridor specific plans, available here for review. The strategies, policies, and standards included in these plans will provide opportunities for mixed-use developments to be built in walkable and bikeable environments with enhanced connectivity to adjacent neighborhoods and other destinations.

The City of Roseville is seeking community input on these drafts to help shape the goals, policies, design guidelines, and other plan contents. Comments will continue to be accepted throughout the process, but to ensure your comments can be incorporated into the next draft of the plans, the city asks that you share your comments by email by August 11, 2022.

A video of the workshop at the 07/28/22 planning commission meeting is available here. The agenda for the workshop at the 6:00 PM 08/03/22 city council meeting is available here (item 9.1).

To be clear, the city is not developing these areas, rather they are removing costly administrative barriers to private development and trying to streamline the process. There is no 100% low income requirement on developments, there are no proposed homeless shelters, the zoning updates will not make anyone’s current home illegal. The city is anticipating up to 850 homes could be built in the plan area (over the 20+ year life of the plan) that would primarily be anticipated on underused commercial lots.

If you are concerned about the width of sidewalks on Douglas or walkability in the plan area – provide your feedback!

If you think the city should include bike lanes in the plans – provide your feedback!

If you want to see changes in the proposed plans – provide your feedback!

Please forward to others in our neighborhood. This is our chance to influence the long-term planning of our community.