Greetings Neighbors,

The Folsom Road Neighborhood Association has scheduled regular general meetings, beginning in October, to occur on the second Thursday of every month at 6:30pm in the main building of Bethel Lutheran Church at 1050 Douglas Blvd (located at the terminus of Folsom Road at Douglas).

Our first meeting will be held on Thursday, 10/13 at 6:30PM, and will comprise the following agenda:

6:30 – Welcome, announcements, and brief review of projects and activities that may be of interest
6:45 – Review of our purpose and mission as a neighborhood association
7:00 – Discussion of Atlantic/Vernon Street traffic improvements project
7:15 – Collection of issues and concerns to be potentially included in future agendas
7:30 – Adjourn and host informal meet and greet

We encourage you to participate in these meetings and to share this information with your immediate neighbors in case they aren’t aware of our function to help facilitate communication of your concerns to City of Roseville officials to help shape their decisions.  Without regular input from all of you, there is a far less chance that a handful of city planners will make the best decisions for us when they have so many considerations in the balance.

We hope to see you in the near future and that you’ll visit us at for more information and to get involved.